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Balloon Safari the magical adventure over the endless plains with rock outcrop (kopjes) scattered acacia and abundance of wildlife species. Balloon safari allows you to drift in silence above the splendor of the wilderness.

The tour starts early-morning around 5.30 am when you driven to balloon take-off point then meet with fully-qualified balloon pilot and watch as the team inflates the vast rainbow-colored balloon. As dawn breaks, the balloon slowly rights itself; the guests are helped into the wicker basket (a typical balloon carries around 8 to 12 passengers.

Driven by the wind, and guided by jets of hot air from the gas-burners (which allow it to rise or fall according to the pilot’s direction), the balloon will fly for a period of around 45 minutes (trailed by a team of ground vehicles). Eventually, it descends to a gentle controlled-landing on the plains. To celebrate, the ground crew offers the guests a glass of chilled champagne, while the pilot prepares their personal ‘flight certificates’.

Later, everyone sits down to a full English breakfast, which is traditionally cooked on the burners of the balloon. After breakfast, guests can return to the lodge or camp for leisure or continue with game drive.