The Materuni Village Cultural Tour –Authentic Cultural Tour
Location: Located on the northern part of Moshi town, only 15KM from the town
center. It is also the last village before entering the Kilimanjaro national park and sit approximately 19000M above sea level.
What to expect: village walks, guided waterfall hike, coffee tours, local primary schools visit, Chagga traditional dance, bike tours, chagga local food, banana beer experience, home stays and camping.
Note this can be combined with your safari package before your safari or after safari.

Maasai Village Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Maasai Culture/ethnic group is among of the super ethic group which still maintaining their authentic ways of life and they are pastoral society who believes that all cattle in the world belong to them.

Estimation shows that in Ngorongoro Conservation Area itself there are 42,200 Maasai living there basing on Ngorongoro Conservation information and they also spreads in all part of northern Tanzania and all part of Tanzania in general.

What to expect: Local dances, Local cuisine or traditional foods, staying in their local houses or bungalow with natural AC, learn their local ways of life like age groups, responsibilities of each group, circumcision and all social, political, economic and religious ways of life.

Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Tours


    Banana market                  Organic fruits market            Local people dancing

Mto wa mbu located on the way from Arusha town to famous northern circuit national park in Tanzania and it is nearby to Lake Manyara National Park as population increase in this town makes different culture to come together to undertake their daily activities. Cultural activities provided at Mto wa Mbu are like Farming tours, Ballaa hills tour, walk tours, tree planting for conservation of environment, bike tours and many others just to mention a few.

Lake Eyasi Cultural Tours & Sight Seeing


 Hunting experience               Lake Eyasi view                        Local people dancing


You will visits to Lake Eyasi and  interact with Hadzabe society who are living in hunting and gathering, and learn on how they make fire by using two dry sticks, they still living in authentic ways of life since the time of immemorial. The Bushmen will teach on how to use their bow and arrows, collecting some tubers, roots and fruits with the women or join the men on hunting. Hunting is done in the morning. Honey gathering is part of it, but depending on the season as honey gathering is done in rainy season. Join on Hadzabe tribal dance and experience their unique culture .Also you will visits Lake Eyasi for sightseeing and birds watching.

Once they are done with the Hadzabe Bushmen, they will join the other tribe called Datoga, who resemble the Maasai in culture. These people are also blacksmith, makes tools such as arrows and knives which they trade with the Bushmen, learn on how they grind maize with stones, how they melt bras, cooper or aluminum.




Maasai Shelters/Bomas     Maasai dancing       Get involved with local people


Olpopongi village found in west Kilimanjaro and is a place where you can experience authentic Maasai culture, spending the night in Maasai shelters, local cuisine, dancing with Maasai and get experience of the traditional way of life in their daily activities.


The “Olpopongi Maasai-Village” was planned and built by a multi-cultural construction team, dominated by more than 50 Maasai women & men from the nearby Tinga-Tinga Maasai-Village. All houses are built the traditional way with local and natural materials only – similar to those ones of the nearby Maasai people. Only some additions, such as exterior washrooms and the kitchen, are different from the Maasai culture, but built for your hygienic comfort & full satisfaction.

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