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Tips on how to plan your safari to Tanzania
Trip to Tanzania offers visitors a wonderful experience of a lifetime, exposing them to incredibly wide range of wild animals, incredible beaches, climbing mountains, impressive waterfalls, local cultures, historical sites and other natural wonders.
A successful trip in any destination does not just happen! It needs a great deal of advance planning and research. We are pleased to recommend few tips for you to help you plan a successful trip to Tanzania.

1.) Destination
Most visited destinations in Tanzania include Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar are some of Tanzania’s most popular safari destinations.

Located northern part of Tanzania below Mt. Meru while Kilimanjaro seen in a distance. Arusha is the safari capital of the country. Guests embarking on the popular northern safari circuit all stop in the ‘Geneva of Africa’ to prepare for their journey into the African bush. Arusha is ideal location near the major national parks and its highland setting make it a peaceful place to relax before starting a safari.
Built by Germans as a center of colonial administration in the early 20th century, Arusha was a sleepy town with a garrison stationed at the old Boma and a few shops around a grassy round about. From its backwater status amidst the farmlands and plantations of northern Tanzania, today Arusha is one of the country’s most prosperous towns. The base for United Nations Criminal Tribunal for Rwandan genocide and the headquarters for the multilateral commission for East African Co-operation and center of Tanzanian diplomacy and international relations.

2.) Visa requirements
You might be asked by an airline to show your visa confirmation before purchasing a ticket. It is good to do a research of the country you are planning to visit. But you do not have to hesitate when you plan to travel to any country in East Africa as you can obtain your visa on arrival at the airport.
3.) Health
It is good to contact your Doctor for health advice before your safari to Tanzania. Make sure you get proper check up and if possible get malaria treatment and more important, yellow fever vaccination. Yellow fever vaccination is very important as you will be asked upon arrival at the airport.

4.) Budget
Think of your budget before sending a safari request. Creation of your budget will help us design a suitable itinerary. Tanzania safaris differ according to the type of accommodation, budget, mid range and high range accommodations.
5.) Accommodation
Find a good hotel, tented camp or lodge, guesthouse. Search through Internet or contact travel agent who specializes in Africa. It is recommendable to choose a complete package that includes Accommodation and ground transportation. Accommodations vary so it’s important to ask questions to find a room that fits your comfort level. Get full details on what is included and not included in the quote given.

6.) Transportation
Book a complete safari package to include transportation. We only advice you to book your international ticket from nearest travel agent. We can take care all flight tickets within Tanzania and East Africa countries.

7.) What to carry
Pack wisely. Carry the following items: shorts, pants, short sleeve shirts, jacket or sweater, closed in shoes, hat, sun glasses, mosquito repellent, and a camera, enough spare batteries for your camera and head torch while on safari, lightweight clothing featuring neutral colors is recommended. It is also advisable to carry soft bags while boarding the flights within Tanzania.