Olmoti Crater is another volcanic crater nestled at 3,088m. Name Olmoti comes from Maasai language meaning Cooking pot. This small volcano caldera its floor covered with grassy plants support grazing wildlife as reedbuck, eland, buffalo and bushbuck while also Maasai cattle.

Water cascades from the crater spring to form spectacular waterfall from the crater rim named Munge waterfalls which falls hundreds of meters down into steep sided ravine to form Munge River which flows to ngorongoro crater providing fresh water for wildlife to the crater flow.

Olmoti crater reached through Nainokanoka ranger post were located campsite and Maasai village. Walking experience accompanied by armed ranger starts at Nainokanoka ranger post crossing lush forest to reach up to the waterfall. Along the trail you can explorer beautiful landscapes. Walking usually takes 3 hours with also long walking tour up to Salei plains.