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The Great Wildebeest Migration

Great Wildebeest Migrations is the seasonal thousands movements of vast numbers of wildebeest in Serengeti national park, accompanied by huge numbers of Zebra, Thomson Gazelle ,small Grant Gazelle, Impala, Eland. This natural monthly, annually movement is amazing and they are migrating from one point to another seeking for green or fresh pasture and water for their survival and sustainability. This natural migrations marking Serengeti as a best destination in Africa and world at large which also lead Serengeti to be one’s of Africa Natural wonders and world heritage sites with immerse biological diversities in a natural setting.

Serengeti Migrations Month By Month

  • Late November and December, Migrations tend to be on the plane of Serengeti, south and East of Seronera, also around Ndutu Area and western part of Ngorongoro Conservations Area. They stays here around January, February, and March feeding for short, fresh grasses and nutritious and this period called breeding’s window or seasons where by hundreds small calves of wildebeests are born. “This is the best time to visits Ndutu Area for breeding period”.
  • April and May, migrations of wildebeest and its associate’s wild animals start moving to northwards of Serengeti national park searching for green pasture and water.Some seen to around Moru Kopjes while others around Seronera in central part. Best time for game central and west part.
  • Late May and June to July, Migrations moving to western part as western corridor of Serengeti national Park where by they accumulating together in a large numbers as a preparation before crossing Grumeti river’s where by large crocodiles praise awaiting to get their daily bread or prey of wildebeest crossings. “Time also to evidence Grumeti River’s crossing of wildebeest though this is not a spectacular river crossings like that of Mara River”.
  • July and August, Migrations keep moving to the northwards of Serengeti, some heading to Grumeti game reserves and Ikorongo game controlled area while others to the heart of Serengeti via northern part. Best time to visits north Serengeti
  • September, Migrations spread on the northern part of Serengeti national park , Mara River’s provide amazing spectacular of crossings , thousands of wildebeest crossing the river and many of them dying while on crossing captured by large crocodiles as they are crossing heading to Maasai Mara River, here is where you will experience wonders that Serengeti evokes during this crossings. Mara river separating or it is a border between Tanzania and Kenya in the northern Part. Best time to visits north Serengeti This time is more attractive to see crossings with a nice spectacular”
  • October, Migrations keep their moves to come back to Serengeti national park hearding to south or through western Loliondo and Lobo Area as they returning to the short grass in Ndutu area and this migration is repetitive and endless movement naturally since the time of immemorial. Here the whole Serengeti migrations start again.


Migration Events

Ndutu Area
Breeding window or calves seasons

Western Corridor
Grumeti river’s Crossings

Northern Serengeti
Mara River Great Crossings

The Migration Map