Usambara Mountains have a quite different scenery and great experience. The Usambara can be reached by road from Arusha or Dar Es Salaam. Mombo is a small town where the Usambara experience starts. Driving from Mombo to Lushoto has its own and unique experience. The driving takes you through the meandering tarmac road of 11 kilometers. From Lushoto to Mambo Viewpoint Eco Lodge is another great experience through the Murom road but well accessible.

At Mambo Viewpoint Eco Lodge you will experience the real African way of welcoming guests. The environment itself welcomes and it is beautiful for people who want calmness. The people at Mambo Viewpoint are friendly and charming. The food is delicious with fresh vegies from the local gardens around the area. Your stay at Mambo Viewpoint will give you great experience by doing different and enjoyable activities below.

Usambara Mountains Tours


  • 1. Mtae village tour – 2 nights
  • 2. Temagreat experience – 2 nights
  • 3. Mtae and Tema cultural tour – 3 nights

These cultural tours through these villages will give you a spectacular view of the daily life of people living in. The challenges and problems of the villagers will give you a different experience. You will overnight in home stays. Talking, working and live with the villagers is a more rewarding experience. All tours will be supervised by a well experienced English speaking Guide.

This is a beautiful 2 days walk to Rangwi Sisters Convent. You will pass through, valleys, cliffs, rural landscapes and villages. Interacting with local people will impress you.
This is a 12000 meters steep slope down to Ndungu lake and village. You can visit the rice fields and the lake, then proceed to Mtae.

  • Mountain trek – 4 nights
  • Mountain and Rainforest – 5 nights
  • Valleys and Mountains – 6 nights

Usambara best experience for those who love walking and great memorable treks. Walking from Lushoto – Mambo or Mambo – Lushoto, you will be amazed by the wonderful and well-arranged landscapes great views and great cultural experience. This is a 15 – 20 kilometers walk per day. The walking is accompanied by English speaking Guide. Luggage transport is provided. The accommodation is in good hotels and lodges.

A 2 NIGHT SAFARI FROM Mambo viewpoint and back. The park is beautiful and is decorated by dry baobab trees. The park also accommodates some animals like elephants, gerenuks, zebras, giraffes and many bird species. The trip includes a 2 hours visit to a traditional healer and you will get to know the healing crafts.

Another great experience takes you half day touring Tema, Mtae villages, the Forest. Mbaru tour takes you a full day.