Volunteerism & Eco Tourism

Voluntourism as emerging concept, Tembo Adventure and Safari do organizes volunteer placement for students who need to do tourism like a community based tourism at the same time contributing directly to the conservation initiatives like planting trees, educating local people in the nearby national parks and at the same time visiting local people learn their culture as enculturation process, do farming tours like coffee tour visitation, water falls as eco-tourism. Main concept here is to operate tourism which gives back to the community, through this travelers can learn more about conservations issues practically like visiting wildlife management areas, community and conservations places, national parks, Orphanage centers and cultural centers.

Voluntourism will help local communities to preserve their fragile ecosystems, contributing to the long-term education of the environments we all enjoy as travelers. You will be visiting directly to places of your interest to bring the idea of giving back to the community in to use.

This program will enable students from various colleges in the world to equip and expand their knowledge practically for all issues pertaining to environmental conservations and preservations, wildlife management, Effect of global warming case studies like Mount Kilimanjaro snow melting, cultural diversities, coastal and marines park resources in which Tanzania blessed to have pristine and unique protected Area’s with abundance of cultural and natural heritage.

To do & Activities

  • Game drive
  • Walking safaris with armed guide
  • Forest walks
  • Meru climbing-second largest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro mountain
  • Birds viewing around the volcanic lakes within the park
  • Cultural tours to villages around the park
  • Coffee and farm tours can be arranged